Jill’s German Chocolate Cake

Jill's German Chocolate Cake

Jill’s German Chocolate Cake

Since Jeanne has been feeling a little under the weather, I thought I would jump in with a quick guest post!  So my husband celebrated a birthday last week and he acts like he doesn’t want a lot of fuss or hoopla, but in reality he is all about celebrating, especially when it involves cake and a huge glass of milk!  So I thought I would surprise him with his favorite German Chocolate Cake!   

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Easy Three Bean Chicken Stew – A Slow Cook Dish

Three Bean Chicken Stew

Three Bean Chicken Stew

There’s something reassuring about having dinner in the slow cooker on a busy day.  It affords me the freedom to enjoy myself, even if it’s just getting things done at home.  I think the whole family likes the smell of a home cooked meal.   We can almost taste in the air, the flavors mingling together to form rich juices & tender meats.  Somehow at the end of a more productive day, I feel a sense of accomplishment, & my reward is a simple yet delicious dinner – the result of planning ahead.

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Lemon Basil & Peppercorn Chicken

Basil, Lemon & Peppercorn Chicken

Basil, Lemon & Peppercorn Chicken

There’s something about fresh basil that feels like sunshine!
This recipe was inspired by a gift of fresh basil from my neighbor, Sandy.  For the first time in years, I don’t have basil growing in my herb garden, and she was gracious enough to offer trimmings of her healthy basil plants. As she presented them to me over our back wall, the spicy, almost pepper-like fragrance wafted through the air.
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