Of Basil & Wheat Bread Twists & Cat Condos

Basil and Wheat Bread Twists

Basil and Wheat Bread Twists

Gene often jokes with our son that he married me for my bread baking!  He absolutely adores homemade bread, and he’s sure to be whistling a happy tune when he sees me putting some sort of yeast bread together for dinner.  This whole bread baking thing has sort of a symbiotic feel with us, as I love making it just as much.  Truth be told, it puts me in a good mood.  Baking bread is rewarding, satisfying, & gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I just love the whole nurturing process, it brings out the creative “Mom” in me! Continue reading

Seasoned Cannelli Bean Salad

Cannelli Bean Salad

Seasoned Cannelli Bean Salad

A wonderful, lightly dressed  salad, delicious in it’s simplicity, & a unique use of cannelli beans, along with English cucumbers, grape tomatoes, & sweet onion.  Two types of vinegar blended with seasonings, makes this a dish that’s sure to please!

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