As the saying goes, “Sewing is cheaper than therapy…”

I’ve seen that quote on Pinterest in various forms, and each time it made me chuckle to myself. Sometimes things are funny because they have an element of truth, no?  I’ve certainly turned to sewing (or another creative outlet) when I’ve needed to calm my nerves or clear my head.  In the same token, I turn to it when that inspiration hits me, and there’s nothing quite like creating to make me smile.  It’s the ultimate “me time”  that’s motivation in and of itself, to cross those chores off my list.  As I create, I push myself to learn new things, to improve the skills I already possess.  It allows me to express my love to my family in my own unique way…  (There’s nothing like a thoughtful meal to say you care).  Creating helps me understand myself… It’s the ultimate expression of who I am.  How can something so seemingly simple (looking from the outside) mean so many different things?