Jill’s German Chocolate Cake

Jill's German Chocolate Cake

Jill’s German Chocolate Cake

Since Jeanne has been feeling a little under the weather, I thought I would jump in with a quick guest post!  So my husband celebrated a birthday last week and he acts like he doesn’t want a lot of fuss or hoopla, but in reality he is all about celebrating, especially when it involves cake and a huge glass of milk!  So I thought I would surprise him with his favorite German Chocolate Cake!   

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Sicilian Sausage w/ Vegetables & Ravioli – Just a Weeknight Meal, and a Little Bit of Home

Sicilian Sausage w/ Vegetables & Ravioli

Sicilian Sausage w/ Vegetables & Ravioli

A quick little weeknight meal, made by sauteing garlic, onion and mushrooms in a small amount of butter and olive oil.  I added some cooked Sicilian sausage medallions,  and a little cooked broccoli.  After this was heated through, I added chopped spinach, allowing it to wilt.  Freshly chopped Roma tomatoes were added  after removing from the heat. I wanted to keep the flavor light, so in addition to the fresh garlic that was added earlier, I seasoned with only Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, and a light sprinkling of nutmeg. I took a cue from Sandra Lee  (Semi-Homemade) by incorporating a purchased, but delicious item, Giovanni Rana’s Artichoke Ravioli, cooked then tossed in a little white sauce, then spooned over the vegetable/sausage dish.   Serve with Parmesan, salad, and crusty bread. A very simple dinner idea, but delicious all the same. Continue reading