Easy Three Bean Chicken Stew – A Slow Cook Dish

Three Bean Chicken Stew

Three Bean Chicken Stew

There’s something reassuring about having dinner in the slow cooker on a busy day.  It affords me the freedom to enjoy myself, even if it’s just getting things done at home.  I think the whole family likes the smell of a home cooked meal.   We can almost taste in the air, the flavors mingling together to form rich juices & tender meats.  Somehow at the end of a more productive day, I feel a sense of accomplishment, & my reward is a simple yet delicious dinner – the result of planning ahead.

So with that being said, this recipe could not get any easier, but the flavor would have you believe otherwise! Continue reading

“Welcome to Tuesday!”

…or whatever the current day was at the time.   That’s what our son, Nick use to say when he was little. Instead of “good morning” or the like, he’d greet us with that wide-eyed face, spunky grin, contagious giggle, and say “Welcome to Tuesday, Mom & Dad!”  How could we NOT have a fantastic day after a greeting like that?!   So…Tuesday, already? Continue reading