Pork Back Ribs with Orange Marmalade Sauce

Pork Back Ribs with Orange Marmalade Sauce

Pork Back Ribs with Orange Marmalade Sauce

Recipe by:  Designs by Jeanne R

Through much trial and error over the years, I’ve discovered that the secret to really tender, juicy ribs is to cook them low and slow. I bake mine in the oven, from late in the morning, and pretty much forget about them until dinner time.  The way I cook mine, you’ll need a large roasting pan with a good fitting lid.  This is a necessity, as this method involves hardly any liquid, but it forms a nice steam.  I’ve used all sorts of liquids, from juices to ale, but I find that good old fashioned water does the trick, with the majority of flavor coming from the sauce that gets added at the end. Continue reading

Steak on a Stick Recipe – A Family Favorite

Steak on a Stick

Hello there!  This is just a quick post to share a delicious recipe with you.   I found this recipe years ago in Family Fun Magazine and my family has been enjoying it ever since.  I made this a few days ago for Sunday Dinner, and I decided to snap a few photos along the way. Continue reading