My name is Jeanne, and I’m a full time, work from home wife and mom.  Meet my husband Gene…

Jeanne & Gene

Jeanne & Gene

…and although it may sound corny, he really is my best friend & true love!

This is our teenage son Nick…

Me & Nick

Me & Nick

…he’s an amazing son, & we’re so proud of the young man that he is!  It sure makes our job as parents a heck of a lot easier!

We are natives of Tucson, AZ, U.S. which is a wonderful place to live.

I’m the creative type by nature, I love to cook, sew, quilt, craft, garden & draw…

What can you expect from my blog?  Mostly, I love to share recipes that I create for my family, but you’ll also see some recipe reviews, the occasional sewing project & tutorial, with some thoughts & inspiration thrown in there for good measure!


Just for fun, here’s some random facts about yours truly…Enjoy!

I’m normally pretty quiet & a little reserved…that’s right…I blog, go figure!

I believe in rescuing or adopting pets instead of “buying” them.

We are fur-parents to our greyhound, Buddy Roo & cat Mini (Mini likes to blog with me, her posts pop up from time to time).

Buddy Roo aka Super Doo

Buddy Roo aka Super Doo



I’m the youngest of 5 – there are 4 of us sisters & 1 brother, & I consider all of them my besties, I’m so lucky.  Our first names all start with “J” & our middle names rhyme…Jan Ellen, Jill Helen, Joy Erin, Jack Allen, Jeanne Lynn.

My snacking weakness is anything that has sweet & salty combined like kettle korn.

Home is my favorite place – I love being with my family…and in my slipper socks.

Buttered spaghetti with garlic & parm – that’s my comfort food.  Gene will make it for me when I have a crummy day 🙂

I’ve never met a creative project I didn’t like..ha!

I LOVE to bake bread.  (Dr. Atkins & I have never been that close).

I enjoy down to Earth people…people that make me laugh are the best!

My favorite movies are Christmas Vacation, Vacation, Three Amigos, Fletch/Fletch Lives, Funny Farm, (love me some Chevy Chase!) Harry Potter, Meet the Parents, Godfather I & II…Did I mention almost anything Chevy Chase?  Oh, & I adore watching thrillers.

My favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Dexter, Parenthood, Walking Dead…old TV favorites would be Bewitched & Andy Griffith.

Don’t judge – I follow some reality shows – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gypsy Sisters & Kendra.

The cook I like & relate to most is Melissa D’Arabian.

Favorite colors are Purple, Blue & Aqua

I believe the most powerful tool is a positive attitude –  happiness starts within!


Please keep in touch, I’d love to know what creative things you’re up to!

Cheers~  Jeanne



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