A Mini Blanket for a Cat Named Mini

Mini with her blanket

Mini’s with her blanket

I work out of my home office, & I have this little assistant hanging out under my desk all day.  She just loves her comfy velvet bed, & I love having such great company!  Every now and then, she snores…it’s a dainty little noise, but she does snore!  So during the winter, I’ll drape a little blanket over my lap, and she’s all to happy to share it with me.  I started thinking, “Mini needs her own blanket!”  So here’s her soft little blanket, crocheted out of leftover baby yarn.  Not very fancy, but I think she doesn’t mind!

Sweet dreams little Mini!

Mini sleeping with her new blanket.

Mini sleeping with her new blanket.

18 thoughts on “A Mini Blanket for a Cat Named Mini

  1. Oh how sweet!!! Love that you made her her own little blankie! I work from home most of the time too, and have my Mikey. We have so much in common! 🙂 Always enjoy reading your blog!

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  2. I have seen that look before on other people that snore but SWEAR they don’t. She doesn’t look happy with you accusing her. 🙂 Or maybe the look is saying, “I love you even though you tell lies about me.” I’ve seen that look before, too! Ha, ha, ha. Snorers never can admit they snore. I guess it makes sense because they are sleeping.

    She, along with the blanket, is adorable!

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