Joy’s Party Cup Charms

Party Cup Charms

Party Cup Charms

This clever idea comes from my sister, Joy.  We’ve all heard of wine charms, right?  You know, the little jewelry-like pieces that attach to the stem of your wine glass so that you can identify which glass is yours?  Well, Joy was looking for something to attach to plastic cups, instead of just writing your name with a Sharpie.   How stinkin’ cute is this?!  Use one charm per cup, & your guests will always know which cup is theirs!

She used bottle caps, plastic paper clips, & an assortment of Christmas themed pictures!  You could use leftover holiday cards, wrapping paper, or images from the internet.

Party Cup Charms

Party Cup Charms

Christmas, New Year’s..really any party would benefit from these cute little charms!

Party Cup Charms

Party Cup Charms

Of course I always have to tell you about my sisters.  Joy is our middle sister.   She & her husband own & live on a ranch, (they’re a rodeo family).  She cares for their horses, cattle, dogs, cats, tortoises, etc. She’s a wonderful cook, and always has a crowd showing up right around dinner time.  Consequently, she’s a wiz at cooking for very large crowds, & makes everything from scratch.  She can decorate like you can’t believe – her home is so warm & inviting…just like she is.  You know the Pioneer Woman?  Well Joy is the original pioneer woman…I love Ree Drummond, but she could learn a thing or two from my sister!

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