Happy Thanksgiving – Enjoy these Everything Turkey Links!

Everything Turkey Links

Everything Turkey Links

Here’s a wide assortment of links for everything turkey…roasting, frying, smoking, carving & more!

Oven Roasted Turkey Guide & Recipes:

Reynolds Oven Bag Roasted Turkey – Recipe, instructions, cooking times

Butterball’s How to Roast a Turkey – Hotline, cooking times, temps, charts, video & much more

Plainville Farms Convection Roasting – Hotline, cooking times, temps, charts, tips

Roasting a Turkey in a Claypot – In 7 steps

NY Times High-Heat Roasting – How to instructions for High heat (500 F oven) roasting

Smoked Turkey Guide & Recipes:

Perfect Smoked Turkey – Brine Recipe, tips, instructions

Applewood Smoked Turkey with Cider Bourbon Gravy – Brine & gravy recipes, instructions

Cajun Smoked Turkey – Injection & rub recipes, instructions

Oven Smoked Turkey with Sage & Thyme – How to smoke a turkey indoors using your oven

Honey Brined Smoked Turkey – Alton Brown’s Recipe & instructions

BBQ Grill Smoked Turkey – How to smoke a turkey on a gas grill

Deep Fried Turkey Guide & Recipes:

First Aid for Burns – Mayo Clinic

5 Fire-Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Thanksgiving – ABC News

5 Safety Tips for Deep Frying a Turkey – PBS speaks to a Fire Chief

Butterball’s How to Deep Fry a Turkey – Instructions

Paula Deen’s Deep-Fried Turkey – Instructions with her House Seasoning

Emeril’s Fried Turkey – Recipes for Marinade, Creole Seasoning, Seasoning Mix, Instructions

Misc. Turkey Info:

 How to Carve a Turkey – From Real Simple video & printed step by step instructions

Presenting & Carving a Turkey – From the Clove Garden

Turkey Platter Garnish Ideas – B. Lovely Events photos of garnish ideas

Food Safety for Turkey – FoodSafety.gov a ton of links from thawing, handling, stuffing cooking

I hope these links provide a quick reference for your turkey cooking questions.  Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

~Jeanne 🙂

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