As I’m referring to mindfulness, I don’t mean in a deep meditative state (although that would be amazing and powerful), but in just a very basic way.  Being mindful, being present, thinking, visualizing & feeling the bigger picture before taking action.  I believe this could be a tremendous tool, & I’d like to practice mindfulness as it relates to making healthier decisions.  After all, success to a very great degree, boils down to the choices we make.  Choices are at every turn…being active vs. sedentary, selecting fruit vs. candy, drinking water vs. soda, having one scoop instead of two, and so on.   So this is my desire, that I practice mindfulness, resulting in healthier decisions.

15 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. Geez! I just want to practice mindfulness so I get on the correct freeway! (EYES ROLLING!!!). Yesterday I was off to teach a class at a site I rarely go to and as I was stopped at a light I began thinking, “Ok, I’m going to get on the freeway and . . .” just as I saw it in my head I realized I was headed to the WRONG freeway. I was going to the one that is my habit!!!! Or perhaps I was too mindful? Because when I got in the lane to turn (at the very start of my journey) I was thinking solely about the moment and not ahead to where I was going! Ha, ha, ha!

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    • …and we’ve all done something like that (more often than I’d like to admit! LOL!) I think our lives are so busy that sometimes we’re all over the place, multitasking, everywhere but present. I think that’s where your post on putting your tasks on paper and out of your head comes into play as well, We need to get rid of all the clutter in our minds and find a little peace.


    • Hey Lulu, haha! You know what I say? Sure…whatever works for YOU…in my case, my mindful choice needs to be 1 cookie or a taste of a cookie….lol, at least that’s what my body is telling me! Love your humor!


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