Rescuing Produce & Market Day Vegetable Soup

Market Day Vegetable Soup

Market Day Vegetable Soup

There’s a seasonal program that my sister Jill & I took advantage of last year, that “rescues” produce that would normally go to waste.  This organization of volunteers network to obtain & distribute this produce before is expires.  For a small fee, you can fill a box or basket  with an assortment of fruits & vegetables that are offered that week.  We would take turns picking up the produce, and would divide it to share with one another.  We found it to be a a fun challenge to cook from that week’s offerings, incorporating a much larger percentage of fruits & vegetables into our diets.  We were really sad to see the season end in May, but they should be starting up again soon.

Last week, Jill found a similar organization that has emerged in our area, and she showed up on my doorstep with a lovely assortment of squash & cucumbers!

So the challenge resumes, cooking with this week’s offerings, I decided to make a batch of soup.  I make & freeze chicken broth (you may remember that I love prepping & freezing food) so that was the perfect base for my soup.

I added a fun combination of fresh veggies, (the summer squash I mentioned earlier, onion, mushrooms, carrots) along with a can of stewed tomatoes, a handful of frozen chopped spinach, and a small amount of cooked mini pasta.  The carrots & tomatoes gave it a slightly sweet flavor, so I seasoned with marjoram to keep the flavor delicate, along with salt & pepper.  A pinch of cayenne, and then served with fresh-grated Parmesan resulted in just the right touch.

I wonder what produce they’ll offer next week?  Let the games begin!

Do you have any of these organizations in your area?  Do you frequent farmer’s markets?  Where do you buy your fresh produce?

17 thoughts on “Rescuing Produce & Market Day Vegetable Soup

  1. That is a wonderful idea! I think I am more easily inspired by items that I have than starting from a clean slate and I love the challenge 🙂 Vegetable soup is a great choice!


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