Imitation “Pay Day” Halloween Snack Mix

Imitation Pay Day Snack Mix

Imitation Pay Day Snack Mix

Here’s another idea from my sister Jan, who in turn received this from our sister, Joy!  Gotta appreciate great sisters!  Anyway, Jan sent me this photo of her Pay Day Mix on her desk at work.  She says, “Here’s one for your repertoire!  Its two package of candy corn and one can of cocktail peanuts.  When you eat the candy corn and peanuts at the same time it tastes like a payday bar!    I brought my glass pumpkin to work and as you can see, it’s going fast!  Only problem is the glass jar clinks when you open or close it…everybody knows when someone is raiding the cookie jar!  We like a few more peanuts and make the ratio about half and half.”

She’s right, it really does taste like a Pay Day candy bar…who would have thought?

So after she had sent this to me, I found a link for a for Pay Day Fudge over at, please visit their site for the recipe, the photos look scrumptious!  It seems that this candy corn & peanut trend continues…

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!  Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your holiday!

P. S.  Thanks, Jan…I appreciate your ideas, your recipes, & I’m so thankful you’re my sister!  You never cease to amaze me!

3 thoughts on “Imitation “Pay Day” Halloween Snack Mix

      • Thanks for taking the time…I’m not a candy corn person, I’m not really a candy person (besides chocolate) but this does taste like a pay day, for what it’s worth! Sweet of you to comment on the PS…I’m lucky to have some amazing sisters, I really am…


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