Volunteers in the Garden

Volunteers in the Garden

Volunteers in the Garden

First of all, sorry for the quality of this photo, just a little point and click with my camera phone.  But it just made me think how much I enjoy “volunteers” in the garden.  Seeds from years gone by, that find their way into corners, cracks, & crevices of the garden.  They somehow find the will to not only sprout, but to grow, thrive, eventually flowering – reaching their potential.  Blooms that not only provide beauty to their little world, but sustenance for other living things.  Eventually dropping seeds, this living cycle repeats over & over again…In many cases, these little pockets of Earth are not the perfect growing conditions.  Often times there is little room to grow, they compete for sunlight, & rain may be scarce.   Now indulge me if you would, but it reminded me of…well…EVERYONE.  None of us are born with ideal situations…we may not have grown up with money, perfect health, education.  We may not have had all the encouragement we expected, our parents may not have been perfect.  But…what we did have, what we do have, is the freedom to choose our outlook on life.  Each day is a gift, limited only by our own perceptions & attitudes.  My wish for all of us is that we choose to live!  Choose to bloom!  Just like a seed, you are filled with promise…the choice is yours.

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