New Look Pattern 6648 – View B

New Look Pattern 6648 View B

New Look Pattern 6648 View B

I’m back again with another finished New Look 6648 project, this time –View B.

This view differs with a v-neck, and while still loose fitting, I like this much better. The other variance is the sleeves, this one having somewhat tapered sleeves.   I chose to leave the bottom of the sleeves open, but the pattern includes elastic gathers as an option.

Since this light knit fabric has a little give, I cut my waist panels on the cross grain, which I think gives it a little more interest.  To match the the bodice to the waist panels, I ended up hand basting it first (due to the grain/cross grain tensions being different).

Once again, this is really comfortable to wear, and pretty darned fun to make!

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