Scrap Busting Sunday – Pattern Weights


Pattern Weights

Pattern Weights


I love a good project that allows me to use up some of those scraps I have in my sewing room.   In fact, I think just about every seamstress feels the same way.  It gives us the chance to breathe new life into a favorite fabric.  It gives us the chance to try something new without fear of messing up.  It gives us the chance to re-purpose.  It’s an inexpensive creative outlet.

I’ve been on the lookout for a cute little pattern weight idea, and I’ve seen some really clever ideas out there (creative people make me smile).  After a fun search all over blog-land, I ultimately decided to make up my own.  I just love drafting things myself.

So I decided that  3 – 1/4″ square weights would be a good size, so I sketched a little boxy flower to fit inside of  those dimensions.



I’ve always been a sucker for a pink and gray color combo, and lucky for me…I had fleece scraps of each.


I’ve had these black velvet heart buttons for ages, just waiting for the perfect project to use them.  I think they add a sweet touch.

Sushi Rice???????????????


Leftover dry sushi rice (from making California rolls) provided the perfect stuffing.  I don’t know if it was necessary, but I microwaved the rice for a couple of minutes to prevent little buggy-critters from nibbling on my project!  Years ago when I made bean bags out of dehydrated beans, I remember the recommendation of baking the beans first, to better preserve them.  Who know if it helps…couldn’t hurt, though.

So there ya have it… a quick and useful project, which I was able to make from start to finish even before the rest of my family woke up on
Sunday morning.  …Stolen moments…gotta use them, they’re too precious to waste.



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